Being unemployed has been of the toughest seasons of my life. I know I would be an asset to any company that hires me. I know that I would be a valuable employee. I know I have a strong work ethic and will work hard. I know I would love my job. Yet I keep getting rejections without end. And that hurts.

I started 2019 empty and discouraged but I kept hearing a whisper resounding the words, “Breakthrough is coming. Never give up hope.” Friends, dear friends, encouraged me. One sent me jobs every week, others sent me texts to lift my spirits. “Never give up hope,” I whispered to myself.

“Keep going. Keep applying.
Keep interviewing. Just don’t give up.
Keep waiting. Keep pressing in.”

Waiting is hard. So hard. But I know the harder the wait, the sweeter the harvest. So I’ll continue to wait for the best God has for me and continue to trust even when I can’t see what He’s doing in the background.



Journalling and my faith are two big parts of my life, besides family and food, of course. My Dad was a huge journaller and reading his journals as I grew up meant that one day, I picked up one of my Mum’s old unused diaries and wrote, “Dear Diary,…” Thanks to Judy Blume’s books, I kept those two words as the start to each diary entry for a good while.


Ilare, Nigeria| July 2017

As I grew older, the idea of writing to a diary didn’t appeal to me, and as the God I serve became more real to me, “Dear Diary,…” gently transitioned into “Hey Lord,…” I learnt to talk to Him as a friend talks to a friends and in my teenage years, I laid bare most of my emotions, annoyances and ponderings on the pages of a random selection of hard and soft notebooks.

My Dad had also stressed the importance of quiettime, of getting to not just know of God, but to really know God for who He was and what He meant to me. So I tried out this concept of quiettime: taking time out of my day, especially in the mornings, before the break of day, and being still in the presence of God. I’ll have to look back on those journals to remember what my first quiettime was about, but I can say it and the quiettime entries that followed formed the person I am today.


London|November 2017

Now my whole day is a quiettime as I have learnt (and am still learning) to listen for my God’s still, small voice. It may sound cliche, but I really do stop every now and then ask, “Are you there, Lord?” Sometimes, the noise and organised chaos that is life gets so loud and overly busy that it is hard too hear His tender voice comforting me, but I find that if I intentionally listen, I will hear Him. Always.

Till now all the words in black or blue have been lying quietly on the ivory pages of my many notebooks. Now they will jump from those pages to words in multiple drafts into published posts. And so. Welcome to Faith.



“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
I travel for travel’s sake.
The great affair is to move.” 

Robert Louis Stevenson,


Friday morning dawned, and gosh, did I stretch?! The previous day’s travels had been stressful and a 12-hour sleep was exactly what I needed to get my mojo back. Morning meditations done, I reached for my phone and read a text from my soon-to-be-wedded friend asking me to go to a house to help sort out last minute wedding details. I stretched still until I realised I was still on British Summer Time and was unintentionally running late.

Needless to say, I whipped the covers back, scrambled for the shower, got dressed and made my way to the tube station. Arriving at Essen, I got the S16 train to Hösel and the 777 bus to Heiligenhaus Oberlip. A lovely lady from Turkey helped me with my directions and a lovely old couple were kind enough to give me a lift to my destination. Whoever said Germany has unpleasant citizens clearly met the wrong people.

At my destination, I was reunited with two of the most gorgeous people I went to school with. Conversations of catch ups and updates flowed endlessly and soon we got down to the business of creating the decorations for the reception tables. Serviettes needed folding, accommodation needed sorting, people needed picking up and the warm, summer afternoon saw us sorting out all these details and eventually moving base to the church where we finally finished all the decorations and transported them to the wedding venue.

The day was far spent and my sisters had finally landed in Germany. Another school friend was staying with us and all three of them were making their way to Essen; and so I bid the people I had worked with goodbye, got another generous offer of a lift and met all three lovely ladies at the train station.

We had a filling meal at the station’s McDonald’s and soon after made our way back to the Air bnb where we talked for a little while before getting our outfits ready for Saturday’s wedding and eventually settling in for the night.